Introducing Frye

Tall riding boots are a must for fall, and who knows boots better than Frye? When we think about boots that are truly made for walking, we immediately think of Frye. But we really feel more like stomping when we have our toughly chic Frye boots on, and we know the sturdy construction can take it.


(Pictured: Frye Heath Outside Zip Boots, Frye Campus 14L Boots)

Founded in 1863, Frye is the oldest operating shoe company in the United States and boasts a celebrated history, from its boots being worn by Civil War soldiers to Western Pioneers to WWII servicemen to ’60s college coeds to modern-day celebrities. There is a timeless quality associated with Frye where rugged style meets everyday wearability. Benchcrafted leather and cushioned insoles ensure a comfortable feel and superb performance. We’re wearing our Fryes all year long, whether we’re trekking down a country road or marching through the city streets. And we’ll be doing so in classic style.

The Frye Paige Cuff Boots are a favorite because equestrian goes with just about everything this fall. The Paige Cuff Boots are a great fit with edgy rocker tees like the ones from Monrow. Throw in all the grandma sweaters we’re eyeing for fall—you’re gonna live in these. Giddyup!


2 responses to “sHOP iNFO

  1. where can I buy these boots and how much.
    paige cuff boots, size 6 or 61/2.

  2. Sharon Hambier

    Hi were could I buy these boots ( paige cuff boots ) in Australia and how much.
    Size 6 or 6 1/2

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